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Pandora Logistics provides national and international services: Sea Freight, Air Freight, Customs clearance, Domestic trucking throughout Vietnam, Personal Effects and Door to Door services. Pandora has a special cost of trucking, warehouses, ocean freight and air freight, which combine to provide a total competitive shipping costs. Pandora Logistics supplements its international freight services with extended domestic, intermodal, warehousing, purchase order tracking and on-forwarding services. We trust we can serve you all issues and consult you to have the best solution for the best expenses. Call us to experience the difference!
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179 Cargo Insurances
530 Air Freight
1230 Sea Freight
890 Truckload Services
  • Incoterms 2010 Chart

    This chart illustrates the relationship between the seller and the buyer in international trade, and provides a useful tool both for day-to-day work and for drawing up contracts of sale. The chart is based on the trade terms contained in Incoterms 2010 approved by the International Chamber of Commerce and dealing with the seller’s and buyer’s obligations to one another.

  • Label every piece of your shipment

    Complete names and addresses must be visible on each piece to ensure your entire shipment arrives intact. The shipper and consignee information must match the Bill of Lading information exactly, and your labels must be legible and complete.

    Label Placement

    Ideally, you should place labels securely on the long and short sides of each piece. DOT hazardous material labels are required when shipping DOT hazardous materials.

    Unless specifically provided for elsewhere in the NMFC, address markings must be affixed approximately as shown in the following examples. The location shown indicates the top, side or end. If more than one location is shown, you may choose which one to use.

  • Prepare your packages

    Proper packaging prevents damage. All freight should be protected with proper packaging.

    Proper Stacking

    Stack cartons squarely on a skid with no overhang. Box flaps and corrugations should face up. Make the top surface as flat as possible. Secure cartons to the skid with banding, stretch-wrap or breakaway adhesive.

    Improper stacking may lead to damage.


    1. Different-size containers may not   be uniform enough to have unit strength
    2. Damage can occur if cartons overhang a pallet because there is   no support for the freight in transit.
    3.  Damage can occur when a pallet doesn’t have a flat top surface. Place single containers on an outside corner or ship them loose.

    How stacking strength is lost

    Stacking strength is lost when pallets are improperly loaded:


    1. Pallet overhang loses up to 32 percent of carton strength.
    2. Interlocked pattern loses up to 50 percent of carton strength.
    3. Misalignment loses up to 30 percent of carton strength.
  • Tools
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    • Container Tracking, Bill Of Lading Number Tracking – track your ocean-freight shipment. Links to many Ocean Carriers. Click here to track.
      Track Sea cargo
    • Pandora and our professionals are committed to developing an import program tailored to further simplify and meet your logistics operation requirements.  Pandora can prepare and submit any and all customs documentation,…
      Customs Brokerage
    • All freight transportation modes are governed by weight and cubic measurement factors, whereby the Carrier will charge on Actual Weight or Volumetric, whichever is deemed to be the greater.  …
      Freight Volumetric Calculations
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